Resources & Links

Suzuki Association of the Americas Official page of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.  Articles for parents, information about summer institutes, discussion pages, resources for books and instruments, information on how to become a member of the SAA, etc.

About the Suzuki Method  A good introduction for parents on the Suzuki Method.

Loma Linda Academy, the school where we are based–an excellent private, Seventh-day Adventist Christian K-12 academy.

Stephanie Popa’s Violin Studio Blog with links to articles for parents, videos for inspiration, thoughts on making music and practicing, etc.

Teach Suzuki Full of ideas for parents on practicing.

Performing Arts Live A calendar of concerts and performing arts events in Southern California.

Recommended books:

Teaching From The Balance Point by Edward Kreitman: one of the best “textbooks” for parents of music students. Explains the Suzuki philosophy, points of posture and technique, the psychology of practicing and working with your child, and much more.

Nurtured By Love: The Classic Approach to Parent Education by Shinichi Suzuki: the Suzuki “bible.” Written by Dr. Suzuki, this small book outlines his method and philosophy in his own words, using many anecdotes from throughout his long teaching career.

Helping Parents Practice: Ideas For Making It Easier by Edmund Sprunger: An in-depth look at practicing for parents, written by a Suzuki teacher with psychology background. Lots of great practice tips and reasons why things work.

Instrument rentals or purchase and supplies: (Note: Please consult your teacher for sizing and recommendations before getting an instrument.)

  • Jim Brown, Claremont (909) 624-0849
  • Robertson & Sons, Albuquerque (mail order) 1-800-A-VIOLIN
  • Robert Cauer, Los Angeles (323) 460-6815 (Worth the drive for the advancing student looking to purchase a fine-quality instrument)

Strings and rosin:

  • Nick Rail Music, Redlands 1770 Orange Tree Ln, Redlands, CA 92374 (909) 798-9998
  • Cruz Violins, Riverside 4124 Sunnyside Dr, Riverside, CA 92506 (951) 781-1195
  • Shar Music (mail order)

Sheet music and recordings:

  • Nick Rail Music, Redlands 1770 Orange Tree Ln, Redlands, CA 92374 (909) 798-9998 (somewhat limited selection, but they stock most Suzuki books and CDs, popular method books)
  • Shar Music (mail order)
  • or similar websites
  • Suzuki recordings are available on iTunes

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